Sacramento Boy is Youngest Person Approved for Antarctica Expedition

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Aidan Fong is going on a field trip of sorts… to Antarctica!

Aidan, a 12-year-old 6th grader, is the youngest person to be approved for the expedition.

“I was like what are the odds?” he said.

But the odds were in his favor; polar explorer  Robert Swan  gave him the green light.

Aidian has always been passionate about the environment. Now, his classroom at Leonardo da Vinci School in Sacramento is bringing him closer to that goal than he could have ever imagined.

And to top it off, he’s going with his science teacher Kim White who has been there before back in 2012.

Since then she’s using what she’s learned in her lessons about environmental sustainability in science.

Eighty other people interested in learning more about the melting polar ice caps and environmental sustainability will make the trek as well.

Aidan’s dad says he is excited for him and the opportunities that await.

Aidan and his teacher are still trying to raise funds for the trip.