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Sacramento Man Hit by Elaborate Identity Theft

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First a $61 KFC tab, then a $123 grocery run at Safeway, and $14 more spent at Love-Laundry in Midtown.

These are some expenses that left attorney Sean Howell shocked because he surely did not run those errands.

"It was shocking, really jarring," said Howell.

When Howell was footed with the bill he filed an incident report with the Sacramento Sheriff's Department.

"The most frustrating thing is I had decent credit," he said.

All of the bills were mailed to Howell, and not one of them reflected money Howell had actually spent, but three credit cards were used and thousands of dollars were spent in his name.

"Parts of it seem sophisticated. it looks like they may have stolen other peoples' IDs to use as addresses."

The suspect or suspects made themselves an authorized user on Sean's account. Meaning they were walking around with cards in their own, true name, but Sean gets the bill.

"I got a call from my credit card company. They said 'hey are you calling in to add someone on your credit card?' I said 'NO!'"

If it all sounds familiar... it is.

FOX40 spoke to identity theft victims Abe and Joline Mantle months ago. The suspect in their case, Lacey Vaiza, was arrested last week on felony identity theft charges.

Her name, as well as her sister's, both showed up on Sean's credit card bills.

"My mail continued to get delivered to a vacant house; somebody capitalized on that."

It all started at a tiny white mailbox sitting on an East Sacramento porch. Howell and his wife cancelled their mail when they moved out of the house, but they say it took weeks to go into affect.

US Postal Inspectors say they are investigating this case, and it's not the only one. A spokesperson says hundreds of victims in the region have reported their mail stolen in recent months.

The highest theft numbers are in Elk Grove.