UC Davis Pulls Ahead at the End to Win Big West Championship

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Amidst screams that might have hit records on a decibel meter, the U.C. Davis Aggies got the one win they needed out of two to score something no other players at their school have ever pulled off before -a Big West Conference Title.

“To go from last year to this year it’s just incredible,” senior Aggie guard Corey Hawkins said as a teammate shouted he was the best player in the world. “Wouldn’t take that much credit. Can’t do it without these guys. I’m just so proud of this team.”

“Good teams, when they don’t play their best, find a way to win and that’s what these guys do. Their character showed through in the closing minutes of this game in order to win and get themselves a championship,” beamed Aggie head coach Jim Les.

Though the Aggies spent much of what was destined to be an historic game behind on their home turf, fans in the Pavilion never wavered.

“Love the heart this team shows. They go in there every play and just give it their all,” said student fan Kyle Christopher.

“You gotta be patient in this game. It’s a game of momentum,” said long-time fan Cindy Spiro.

And the team and it’s blockbuster shooter – one of the best in then nation Corey Hawkins – found that momentum in the last 90 seconds of the game.

Hawkins, son of former NBA all-star Hersey Hawkins, delivered with free-throws.

He’s been shooting about 80 percent from the line this season.

“He’s a heck of a player. He’s working his butt off out there and it shows on the court,” said UCD student Brandon Hassid, who comes to every game with a blue wig on and his bare chest painted Davis blue.

Even with Hawkins’ help the score with Riverside see-sawed into the last three second of the game, until the Aggies grabbed the ball after a missed shot from the Highlanders and the clock struck title time.

The final score was Davis 61, Riverside 59.