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Rocklin Schools Protest Future Smoke Shop

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Students from several Rocklin schools protested in front of a future smoke shop they don't want in their after school hang out.

"This business owner to me is completely unethical in that, to target a shopping center that is the center of our youth community in Rocklin," Sheela Hilton said.

Hilton is a concerned parent who says the 3 Monkey's cartoon logo appeals to children. Hilton told FOX40 she believes the presence of the smoke shop in the Stanford Ranch parking lot where children from 3 local schools congregate will make it easier for minors to obtain tobacco products.

She has been collecting signatures for a petition and working with city leaders to draft an ordinance that would ban smoke shops from opening within 1,000 feet of schools.

Owners of the future 3 Monkeys location say they've already spent thousands of dollars remodeling the store, signed a lease months ago, and got permission from the city to open as long as people do not smoke inside of the store.

"We're not targeting young people or anything, we are targeting 18 or older who are sensible enough, adult enough, to make their own decisions," co-owner Sameer said.

"I understand that it's in a little bit of a close proximity to the school, we're taking extra measures to prevent young kids from entering the store," co-owner Mo said.

Sameer and Mo said the store will have tinted windows and use technology to make sure minors can not purchase their products. Sameer said employees will not be able to complete a transaction without scanning an ID to prove the shopper is 18 or older.