Ongoing Accusations in Elverta School District Reportedly Led to School Board Member Attack

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It has been an ongoing battle that has lasted four years for the Elverta Joint Elementary School District. James Stewart, a resident of the community, has made idol threats to the district and board members during that time but last week it turned violent.

"It's gotten more and more intense, at one point I had to have a restraining order against this gentleman. He's made threats against me. His estranged wife currently has a restraining (order) on him as well," Michael Borgaard, Superintendent at Elverta, said.

James Stewart Courtesy: Sacramento County Sheriff's Department

James Stewart
Courtesy: Sacramento County Sheriff's Department

Stewart's estranged wife, Denise Stewart, is an employee of the district. The James believes his wife is having an affair with multiple employees. School officials say the claims were investigated, and were unfounded. Just last week, Stewart turned his words into action - attacking a man, school board member Richard Currier, while he was at a grocery store in Sacramento County.

"He had staples in the back of his head and was knocked unconscious, he was trying to walk away from this individual," Borgaard said.

UPDATE: Wednesday morning, James Stewart was booked into jail, accused of two felonies for the attack on Currier.

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