Hundreds of Students Possibly Exposed to TB at 2 Elk Grove Schools

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The Sacramento County Public Health Department announced today, there are two new confirmed cases of Tuberculosis (TB) at the Elk Grove School District.

Last week, the Health Department was notified of an adult showing TB symptoms. After a contact investigation, they found two others in the family infected. One students attends Franklin Elementary School, and the other goes to Franklin High School.

The department believes the siblings contracted the disease from the adult.

Both schools immediately informed parents through email and letters, explaining the situation. Both students are being told to stay at home until their illnesses subside, and they will be monitored daily.

At this point, all three in the family have the active Tuberculosis. Two of them have a more severe, infectious form of the disease.

"It is important for the parents to remember that for the students the disease was caught fairly early, so we anticipate that the risk to any of the other students was relatively low," Dr. Olivia Kasirye, Sacramento County Public Health Officer, said.

We spoke to parents at the Franklin High School who said they were surprised by the email, but were thankful the school reacted quickly.

"I think they sent it as soon as possible, and knowledge is power, and so we will just take it from there," one parent said.

Others hoped this does not escalate to what happened just a month ago at nearby Florin High School, where 16 students tested positive for the same disease

"It depends. If it becomes an epidemic, so then, yes it is a big concern," one parent said.

The Health Department said the exposure in Franklin and Florin high school is unrelated.

"Florin was also an exposure as well and it is not connected," Dr. Kasirye said. "Again with the two cases that we have had, the exposure to the students was from the family member."

Next week, about 100 students at the elementary school and 300 students at Franklin High will do a skin test for TB exposure. If that tests positive, they will look for abnormalities in the chest. If there are abnormalities, they will see if it is infectious with a sputum test.

Results will not be out until at least next Friday.

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