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Tuberculosis Testing at Elk Grove Schools to Begin Next Week

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Franklin High School


Students at Franklin Elementary and Franklin High School will have to wait until Tuesday, March 17 before the Sacramento County Health Department will administer skin tests to determine if they have contracted tuberculosis.

Students and teachers were notified earlier this week two students, one at Franklin High School and another at Franklin Elementary had contracted TB from an adult they live with.

The county health department considers the risk of other students contracting the bacterial infection low because of the timely manner in which it was discovered.

“We will only be testing students and teachers who share a classroom with the infected students,” Elk Grove School District Spokesperson Xanthi Pinkerton said.

JJ Dizon is a parent of a student at Franklin Elementary, he says his son came down with a fever yesterday and he is concerned that not all students will be tested.

“They could have come in contact with the other child at lunch or around school, but the email we received said only students in the classes will get tested,”┬áhe told FOX40.

This Friday a meeting will be held at Franklin High to discuss the situation.