Rancho Council Approves Interchange Project

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It’s the bridge to the future – an interchange to be resurrected near Sunrise Boulevard and Hazel Avenue at Highway 50.

The project will cost $100 million, and will connect traffic from Highway 50 to the points south into Sacramento County, where it is anticipated about 30,000 more people will move in the next 50 years.

However, prior to the council 5-0 vote on the proposal Monday night, some in the meeting where upset about to project’s proposed location.

“The interchange has no right to be in a residential neighborhood,” parent and Gold River community member Kristi Buckley said.

Buckley is concerned that extra pollution from the traffic and the bridge will travel down into the nearby Prospect Hill Park, where her child plays.

“What comes up must come down, right?” she said.

However, the city is sure this is the perfect spot for the interchange. In fact it’s been designated as since the early 90’s.

“There will be no noise or air pollution once this is complete,” city project engineer Mark Thomas said.

Thomas adds the noise will come from the construction, however, sound walls will keep it down until the project is complete.

The city has no estimated time table for beginning the project, saying it will take a new home threshold to be reached before it is determined to proceed.

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