Hair Stylist Claims State Assemblymember used his Brand without Consent

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Campaign season has been over for months but a Sacramento hair stylist says, this week he discovered a state lawmaker featured his brand on a campaign website.

Midtown hair dresser Jason J. Daniel is focused on establishing a name for himself and has a strong presence online and on social media.

When he tracked himself this week, he found something unexpected: his face and his name on a campaign site for Assemblymember Kevin McCarty.

"I freaked out, I thought everyone is going to think this is an endorsement or I'm into politics and I’m not... I’m just a hair dresser,” Daniel said.

Daniel says the campaign never asked his permission and he’s hoping the website didn’t deceive anyone.

McCarty was elected into the state assembly, but Daniel is upset the site remained active months later.

"Apparently they had the webpage hidden, they were using it during the campaign and somehow it popped back up on the internet and it was taking all my web traffic,” said Daniel.

The stylist posted a lengthy statement on Facebook.

Assemblymember McCarty responded, saying he had no idea about the website or why it happened, and asked Daniel to email his staff.

McCarty later posted that it was a ‘settings issue’ and that it had been fixed.

He sent FOX40 a statement saying:

'It was brought to our attention yesterday and we had it removed.'

Although it was taken down, Daniel still wonders how his name ever ended there.

Daniel says he has no hard feelings, he just doesn’t want to be associated with politics.

McCarty’s office tells FOX40 they have not had any other complaints like this one.