Natomas Officials Hope Safety Meeting Brings Community Together

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Bridgecross Drive in north Natomas is a beautifully landscaped street, full of people walking in the park next to flowers and the sound of children's feet pitter pattering to school.

But the last few days it’s been anything but peaceful. Bridgecross Drive has been full of police cars, crime tape and the sounds of scared families whispering about the recent crime.

On Tuesday authorities say a carjacking in Rio Linda – a few miles away – landed here with the injured suspect 22-year-old Jose Leon hiding and dying in this home off Bridgecross Drive.

During the standoff, police and sheriff deputies put this neighborhood on lockdown.

Then 24 hours later,  a candle light vigil for  the suspect went from a crowd of 15 to more than 60.

This video given to FOX40 shows cars doing doughnuts in the middle of Bridgecross Drive.

The disturbance escalated to shots being fired.

Lt. Charles Husted with Sacramento Police says these crimes while serious are an anomaly.

“Regency Park is one of the safest places in Sacramento," Husted said.

But he understands parents fear, and they are addressing that.

"I think it’s important that neighbors see more of an over presence. So they will see that, and hopefully they will see things going on as far as getting together with the community to figure out how we can work together," said Husted.

Lt. Husted says he has several community meetings planned in the neighborhood to educate residents on how they can help police and keep criminal activity away.

"Let the criminal element know just based on the environment that they are not welcome, that the folks that live here will call the police, call their security, will notify whoever they need to not allow it," Husted said.

It you want to find out when these meetings are going on join the next door app.

Lt. Husted regularly posts information on crime in north Natomas and all police citizen meetings.

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