Elderly Man’s Tricycle Stolen – Twice

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Raymundo “Cactus Ray” LuJan is a very busy volunteer and neighborhood watchman.

Earlier this week Cactus Ray encountered a real problem lurking just around the corner of Old Soul Coffee on Broadway.

"I got ready to leave and I realized I didn't have my helmet," Ray said.

As Cactus Ray ran back inside, a thief realized he had just unlocked his tricycle from this pole.

It was gone in two minutes, marking the second time someone's taken his wheels.

"I’m epileptic and so I’m not allowed to drive. It’s my only means of transportation,” said Ray.

In Oak Park, everyone loves Cactus Ray. Friends say if you mess with him, you mess with the whole neighborhood.

"You're taking away this man’s mobility. So it makes a lot of us pretty angry,” said Terrance Johnson of the Oak Park Neighborhood Association.

Johnson was there when the thief took Cactus Ray's tricycle.

He isn't the only one that wanted to make it right.

"There’s a lot of people that would think about replacing his bike for him. So that’s why I popped in to say ‘Can we do this?’" Johnson said.

Sunday, several Oak Park neighbors, including Peni Wilson of Pet Stylista, came out of pocket to buy Cactus Ray a new tricycle.

He doesn't have to say how thankful he is.

After he took his new tricycle for a spin, his smile said it all.

“I don't know what I would do without friends like Terrance. People are so kind and it’s just good to know I live in a community where people care,” Ray said.

Anyone with information is asked to call Lujan at (916) 410-8503.

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