Hundreds Gather for Cesar Chavez March

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Hundreds of people marched to celebrate the life and work of Cesar Chavez today.
Participants marched from Southside Park to the Capitol Steps, chanting the slogan made famous by the Labor leader, "Si Se Puede!"

The march was led by a group of Aztec Dancers. Belen Magallon marched and danced the whole way barefoot.

"Sometimes you just have to dance barefooted... touch the ground... Feel the earth," Magallon said.

She like many of her fellow marchers said they march every year, not just to remember the legacy of Chavez, but to show that the things he fought for still apply today.

Unions, student groups, and community organizations shared their voices on workers' rights, accessibility to health care, immigration reform, finding justice for the missing students of Ayotzinapa, and much more.

"We need to bring consciousness to the American people," local activist, Al Rojas said.
He has worked with Chavez since the 19607s. He said respecting workers is a win win for everyone. "Every time you sit down to eat, they have to remember the working people that feed them. How is it that they can think they can feed their families quality, safe food, when at the same time they are not thinking about the workers who are being sprayed on by dangerous pesticides? If you take care of those workers, then you take care of your kids, by consuming healthy products, that have been protected because you protect workers on the field."

Organizers said they are preparing for a similar march early next month.