Local Tattoo Artist Arrested After Allegedly Drugging, Raping Woman

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A local tattoo artist is in Yuba County Jail after allegedly keeping a woman against her will, drugging and raping her.

On March 23, a 21-year-old Yuba City woman claimed she met with 35-year-old Jason Lee Brakebill at the Quickstop parking lot on Lincoln Road and Walton Ave.

The two decided to meet in person, after adding each other as friends on Facebook a day prior, when Brakebill allegedly promised her a free tattoo.

However, she claimed he drove her around town for four days, holding her against her will, drugging her and raping her repeatedly.

"They visited multiple houses where drugs were being used and potentially participated in these drugs," Detective Sgt. Wendell Anderson of the Yuba County Sheriffs Department said.

Brakebill was arrested Saturday night at his parents' home in Smartsville, 20 miles east of Yuba City.

But authorities said in his statement, he denied any wrongdoing.

"He admits to being with her much for the same reasons that she met on Facebook for the tattoo. But he's claiming that they had consensual sex," Sgt Anderson said.

FOX40 found Brakebill's last known address is in Moreno Valley. We contacted his former employer of nine years.

They said he had been fired a few years ago. When we told him he had been arrested, they replied "I'm not surprised."

FOX40 also contacted Brakebill's parents. They denied comment.

Brakebill is at Yuba County Jail, charged with false imprisonment, oral copulation, penetration and raped while drugging the victim. He is held in lieu of $300,000 bail.