Power Finally Restored to Stockton Neighborhood

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PG&E workers continue to check and replace blown out breakers on the outside and power outlets on the inside of several homes tonight.

But, the power is back on.

PG&E said all 690 customers who lost electricity yesterday, after a suspected drunken driver struck a number of power poles, have light inside their homes.

The last hundred or so customers had it restored around 6 p.m. tonight.

That's good news to residents along Ogden Street, where workers went door-to-door tonight, checking on the progress.

“Most of the outlets in our kitchen are out. They’re trying to change that right now, trying to fix it,” said resident JJ Docot.

Docot and his family went without power for the past 24 hours. But they made the best of the situation.

“It's good to get off our electricity, our phones and stuff, and just have some family time,” Docot said.

Neighbor Jose Martinez also experienced the darkness since yesterday.

“My little lights, the night lights for the kids, they blew out. It was a pretty good pop,” Martinez said.

His power came back on around noon. Workers also paid a visit to his home.

“They're checking, making sure the stuff that blew out, they could fix it,” said Martinez.