Project to Revitalize Downtown Stockton Underway

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A large-scale project to revitalize downtown Stockton is underway as multiple developers work on building affordable housing units and newer commercial spaces for the city.

The Cal Weber building is fenced and primed for construction. Developers told us just one building of the many moving parts toward downtown's revitalization.

The 124-year-old Cal Weber building is getting ready for a major face lift.

"About good projects in Downtown. It’s a bigger picture. We’re excited about what’s in store for the Downtown and this is one major component,” Zach Cort, President & CEO of Ten Space Development explained on Tuesday.

Ten Space Development is working on the building's commercial use, while Trinity Development is building 40 affordable housing units which will sit right above Sunil Sharma's Market.

"I hope the rest of these buildings come up the same way. It’s going to be great,” Suni Sharma, Owner of Sharma's Market said.

Sharma has taken stock on the corner of California Street and Weber Avenue for almost a decade while the city's reputation has left many avoiding Stockton.

“Let’s see what happens. People are getting better and better everyday,” Sharma said.

The optimistic business owner sees a lot of potential for Downtown.

Developers said the project is just a part of a 15-block renovation plan.

“I think there’s a lot of positives that we don’t, you know, we don’t focus on enough here in Stockton,” Cort said.

Stockton straddles I-5 and Highway 99, making it a prime area for businesses. For this very same reason, analysts have said this makes the city a hotbed for drug trafficking, a reputation the city has been trying to shake off.

But those who believe in the vision of a vibrant downtown are seeing more of the bigger picture.

"The city as a whole just needs a vibrant downtown,” Cort said.

"The building will look beautiful. Like something in Italy or somewhere or Japan or somewhere, you know what I mean?,” Sharma explained.

Developers said it will take about a year and a half to finish the housing units. Sharma said he believes the construction may impact his business, but he's got signs up to let people know he'll remain open.