Zoe Deibel Gets Oxygen Concentrator

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I'm not going to lie, when I first wrote this story about Zoe Deibel I got a little choked up.

My photographer got a little choked up.

But our viewer Nadien Menke got to thinking.

"I was at home and I saw it on the news. I was doing a little bit of work and I said, okay, let me get on the phone,” Menke said.

Let's back up here, and introduce you to Zoe. A 14-year-old kid from Elk Grove who hasn't simply beat the odds, she's obliterated them.

Even before she was born doctors said she had less than 1% change to survive.

But year after year she beat the odds, even though, thanks to her medical condition, her lungs just don't work as well yours or mine.

She can't do some of the things that teenaged girls love to do, like taking a trip on a plane.

"I don't care about the plane. I just want to go to where it's going," Deibel said.

Enter Menke and an oxygen concentrator. You can't be the mobile young woman Zoe wants to be when you always have to lug an oxygen canister around.

But with this slick little machine, coordinated by Nadien and donated by Sutter Care at Home, Zoe won't have to. She won't have to wage that constant battle for breath most of us can't imagine.

“It’s almost like I haven't slept in a couple days. I’m worn down. It’s hard to walk,” said Deibel.

But remember when I said FOX40 has the best viewers around? That's because so many of you, after seeing Zoe's story, kicked in some money too.

Enough to bring her GoFundMe campaign to up over $13,000 in just a matter of a couple weeks.