CHP: Pipe Bomb Found Alongside Business 80 ‘Intended to Harm People’

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The California Highway Patrol is now saying the pipe bomb found alongside Business 80 in Sacramento Monday was intended to injure people.

"It was pretty sophisticated actually, it was definitely designed to harm people," Chad Hertzel with North Sacramento CHP said.

During Monday's commute, the bomb squad carefully disabled the explosive device, rendering it safe.

"If we just blow it up, we destroy all the evidence so we didn't want to do that. We rendered it safe so now we have it in the lab and we're analyzing it," Hertzel said.

The FBI and ATF are now involved in the investigation.

"We're definitely working as hard and as fast as we can to get to the bottom of this so the community can be safe," Hertzell said.

Hertzell told FOX40 their only clue so far is the pipe bomb found Monday looks very similar to one found in March on Highway 50 in South Sacramento.

"It doesn't take much to cause mass chaos and confusion, and this device definitely was enough cause an amount of harm that would have created chaos in Sacramento," Hertzell said.

So far, no one has claimed responsibility for placing the pipe bombs along local highways. If you have any information about the pipe bombs, contact California Highway Patrol.