Creative Ruse Helps Lead Roseville Police to Identity Theft Suspect

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A creative ruse, along with some help from a citizen, led police in Roseville to arrest a man accused of identity theft.

Ed Tatosian though, isn't your average citizen. He's a retired lieutenant from Sacramento.

So, when he woke one morning recently and had received a text alert to his mobile phone that a purchase had been made with his wife's credit card, he knew something wasn't right.

"It was about an $1,100 purchase," Tatosian recalls.  "So, I asked my wife if she had made a purchase while we were sleeping. She said no, and if it were $1,100 I would have told you about it."

Tatosian knew this probably wasn't a high-priority crime.  So he did most of the detective work himself.  Calling the company, finding out that a 3D printer was ordered, and the address it was being shipped to.

Coincidentally, that address was nearby, in Sacramento.

"So, I did a little snooping around," Tatosian explained.  "I found the place, went back and called Roseville PD.  I made a police report, sat down with the officers. The detective did a great job with the information."

The detective creatively posed as a delivery man, complete with a box the correct size and weight of the printer that was ordered.  When the suspect answered the door, the detective made the arrest.

Robert Porter Jr. was arrested on charges of identity theft and grand theft.

"Too many of these bad guys get away with what they are doing, and the more people can help themselves, the better," said Tatosian, who gave one last piece of advice.  "Without putting themselves in harms way."