Gold Rush Days will be Back — Dirt Streets and All

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After a year off because of drought concerns, the Gold Rush Days are coming back.

Each year, Gold Rush brings well over 100,000 people to Old Sacramento according to the Sacramento Convention and Visitor's Bureau.

Last year it was canceled on short notice because event organizers said too much water was needed to clear the streets of the dirt that is used to cover the streets to give them an "old-timey" feel.

That was water they didn't want to waste during the drought.

So last year, they had an American old car festival. But store clerks FOX40 spoke with said it just wasn't the same and many people showed up disappointed.

"A lot businesses took a big loss because a lot of them went out and got supplies. And we were all ready for it, then three or four weeks before they said, 'Oh, we're going to change it to an Americana festival,' which is a car festival, and people came down looking for a Gold Rush festival and we just didn't have it," said
Kevin Powers, with McGee's Old Time Photos.

This year, the Old West theme is back, dirt streets and all.

Because of water restrictions, the Sacramento Convention and Visitor's Bureau says it has figured out a way to clean up the dirt using much less water.

"If we do use any water, it will be reclaimed water, so nothing out of the tap, nothing fresh, really just trying to use sweepers and brooms and that type of thing," Mike Testa, with the visitors bureau, said.