Sac County Deputy Shoots Suspected Gunman in North Highlands

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A Sacramento County Sheriff's deputy shot a man Friday afternoon near Watt Avenue and Elkhorn Boulevard, in the North Highlands area.

According to department spokesperson Sergeant Lisa Bowman, a man was seen harassing a woman in front of a store, cussing and her and refusing to leave her alone. Bowman said it wasn't clear if the two knew each other.

When deputies arrived, they attempted to contact the suspect who dropped a backpack he was carrying and fled through an adjacent parking lot. At one point, he pulled a gun and fired a shot at an uninvolved citizen who was attempting to assist deputies. The citizen was not hit.

Joanne Miller witnessed the events.

"I just heard shots. We were eating, then shots. Then the cops started coming. I heard the helicopter. How crazy was it here? It was really crazy," she said.

He then ran through a hole in a chain fence into an open field. More Samaritans followed, attempting to aid the deputies.  When he was cornered, the suspect fired at least one additional round toward the crowd of people.

A deputy fired a shot at the suspect and hit him in the arm, disabling the weapon from his grip. He was taken into custody and transported to the hospital for a non-life threatening gunshot wound.

There were no citizens hit by gunfire during the incident.

Once medically cleared, the suspect will be booked into the Sacramento Main Jail.

The deputy who fired the shot that hit the suspect is a 19 year veteran of the department, currently assigned to field and investigative services.