Man Suspected of Killing Girlfriend Arrested in Santa Clara County

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Andrew Butler, 25, was arrested early Sunday.

The arrest comes five days after police say he shot and killed his girlfriend, Kendra Gonzales, in front of the couple's 1-year-old daughter.

Amid the grief of losing her sister, Nicole Singleton finds comfort in the arrest.

"I was angry thinking that he was probably thinking that he just killed her and he got away with it and while he's out on the run, my sister is in a casket. It’s just a relief knowing he’s behind bars and he can’t hurt anyone else,” Singleton said.

The 33-year-old was a mother of three. Loved ones say she was loving, upbeat and the life of the party.

"I’m really hurting, she was everything. I just can’t believe this,” said Luciaha Nevano, Gonzales’ cousin.

As the family mourns they’re also coming together.

At Miller Park Saturday, they held a fundraiser to help cover funeral costs and to support Gonzales’ children, ages one seven and 17.

Those children are now living without a mother.

"That’s something no family would understand.. why? Why people could just take their loved ones,” said Gonzales’ cousin Crisa Triplet.

They may never know ‘why’ but at least now there’s some closure.

"Now she can rest in peace knowing this person has been caught, and she knows it.. she knows it,” said Gonzales’ mother in law, Jean Middleton.

The family has set up a gofundme page.

Butler is in the Santa Clara County Jail. His first court date is Wednesday.

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