Stanislaus Landscaper Ripping Out Lawns for Free

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A Modesto-based landscaper is continuing to provide what he sees an essential service in drought-ridden California.

What used to be a Manteca homeowner's putting green is now mounds of dirt. Unsightly, but some feel is necessary in California's fourth year of drought.

"It’s going to save them water on their water bill and it’s going to do something good for the community, too,” Paul Helen, the General Manager of Modesto Landscapes said. "Someone needs to do something slightly different and because we’re doing something slightly different, we’ve had an increase in work."

Helen rips the lawns out for free, if the homeowner does their part to go green and hires Modesto Landscapes to install drought-tolerant plants.

"It’s about $2 a square foot and on a thousand dollar square foot you know, they’re saving around $2,000 there,” he said.

Helen said everyone can do their part. A couple things he recommended are low flow showers and converting pop up spray sprinklers for lawns with drip ones.

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