Sacramento Teacher Accused of Assaulting Student

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Aaron Newnan's parents admit he's had some discipline problems at Sacramento's Bowling Green, but they say having mouthed-off in the past doesn't give any teacher the right to lay hands on him aggressively.

That's what they believe happened on campus Wednesday, with their 6th grader getting a lesson in fear instead of fun during a physical education class.

"I was like scared and everybody was like watching," 11-year-old Aaron said.

The source of that fear?

Science and P.E. teacher Miles Krier.

While Aaron's family says the swollen arm Kaiser doctors documented in the emergency room and the finger mark they say they photographed are bad, there's something even worse.

It's an additional emotional scar left by something the teacher supposedly said during the confrontation -- information about a rare seizure disorder Aaron kept secret that was outed in public.

"He had me like, like really tight ... and once I tried to, like, push his hand off, he said 'you better watch out ... you might have another seizure...' like in front of my friends and the whole class," Aaron said.

"When he came home, he was crying to me about the situation," said Aaron's mom, Erica Townsel.

"I was very upset, and I was emotional because I found out he was being taunted about his seizures," she said.

"I was furious, you know like any parent would," said Aaron's dad, Michael Johnson.

According to Aaron, the incident with his teacher started when Krier angrily questioned him about having a cell phone.

His phone's been an issue on campus. He keeps it to alert his mom when he feels a seizure starting.

But it shouldn't have been a problem Wednesday because his mom says with her phone down she had her son's cell.

She has proof of the text messages she was sending to her husband from it during the school day.

She also says she has video accounts of the incident from student witnesses.

Though Townsel says she complained about Krier's behavior when she was forced to take her child home Wednesday, she was shocked he was teaching her other son's class Thursday morning.

"This teacher's on campus and he harmed my son. Something needs to be done," she said.

Krier was not at home when FOX40 went to get his side of this story.

The Sacramento Unified District would only comment via statement saying it " takes these allegations very seriously and has begun an investigation."

Krier, a seven-year veteran of the district, has now been placed on paid administrative leave.

Aaron's parents are disappointed because they say they don't feel they've been taken seriously when they've gone to Bowling Green to try and address this situation.

They claim they've even been asked why they bother to keep their kids on that campus.