San Joaquin Asparagus Festival Organizers Prepare for Opening Day

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The San Joaquin Asparagus Festival has been revived this year. As FOX40 has reported, private promoters have taken over and are expecting big things for 2015.

The location will be a major difference. The San Joaquin Asparagus Festival will be held at Stockton's Fairgrounds, not downtown.

Organizers are busy getting rides, food and other activities ready for the grand opening.

"We have a lot more places for people to sit down while they eat their food. I know that was one of the issues in the past. We have a lot of parking out here, as well,” Heather Parejko, the Executive Assistant with the San Joaquin Asparagus Festival, told FOX40 on Thursday.

Carol and Tony Noceti announced Summer 2014 that they would be taking over the San Joaquin Asparagus Festival. It was just months after organizers called it quits, citing rising costs and declining attendance.

Organizers for the 30th annual festival said 2015 will be different. The San Joaquin Asparagus Festival opens up Friday and will run through Sunday.