Family and Friends Raise Money in Memory of Car Crash Victim

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"I feel your words I feel your prayers,” said Jamie Davis. “I'm sorry if I'm not getting back to your private messages, if I'm not getting back to you on Facebook, if I'm not responding to your text messages. But I know you're there."

A heartfelt moment of gratitude, from a mother in grief.

Davis was in the car in this violent accident on the Cap City Freeway that claimed the life of her daughter.

15-year-old Haylie Jordan was a student at El Camino High School.

"My little girl. She's probably looking down from heaven doing this,” Davis said. “She loved to do that. And I just thank you. Haylie was such a good, good soul."

Today Davis is in the company of friends at a recycled-water car wash to raise funds to help her bury her daughter.

Sometimes it’s focusing on the details and arrangements and condolences themselves that gets a parent through.

"I need the constant visitation. I need that,” said Davis. “My husband needs the privacy. But I need it to keep my mind going. Because the second I stop, the second I stop, I'm afraid I won't be able to get back up."

Haylie liked to stay busy herself. A member of her school's dance team, she had just recently taken-up bee keeping.

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