Police Investigate Fatal Shooting in North Sacramento

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The Sacramento Police are investigating a fatal shooting on Lampasas Avenue near Beaumont Street in North Sacramento.

At least one man is dead and detectives are trying to determine a motive and a suspect for the crime.

Police received calls about 3 p.m. reporting shots fired in the area. When officers arrived, they found a man in his late 30s who had been shot and killed.

The man was outside of an apartment where neighbors say he lived.

Nicholas Johnson said he knows the man who was killed. He said he was a father who deserved better.

" I know he was a cool guy. I never really see him too much. He stayed out there with his son," Johnson said.

Neighbor Victor Taylor says shootings occur in the neighborhood on an almost nightly basis.

"He was a pretty nice guy. Why they killed him, I can't answer that," Taylor said.

Police are trying to determine if the shooting was gang related, but both Taylor and Johnson said they're pretty sure it was.

"You're on the wrong street, and it's the wrong side, and it's the color, and you're not supposed to be on that side..." Johnson said.

Police hope witnesses will come forward with details on who pulled the trigger, but Johnson believes many won't talk.

"You talk, they label you a snitch, so a lot of people will be scared, thinking something will happen to them," Johnson said.

While they may be too scared to talk, Johnson said many people who live in the area just want the violence to end.

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