Local Boxing Fans Excitedly Await ‘Fight of the Century’

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Who's that young journalist interviewing Floyd Mayweather all those years ago?

Two things to notice from this picture:

  1. Yes, I can attest that Mayweather controls media access closely, and sharply. Just look at his security eyeballing as I ask question about an incident with one of his limousines.
  2. As young as we look, this is about when many say this fight should have happened—five or more years ago, when the two fighters were more in their primes.

Nonetheless, this fight will pull a massive audience.

Hours prior they are already lined up outside of Alley Cats in Sacramento to get good spots.

You’d better bet everyone here's already picked their winner.

It's the years of build-up, the fact that even casual fight fans have an opinion, the fact that Manny Pacquiao is basically a Filipino national hero that is whipping up interest in this the greatest fight in a generation.

That will translate into a purse of $200-$300 million dollars to the winner.