Missing College Student Found Safe

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It had been just over a day that 19-year-old Austin Bruns was missing, but his family felt like it was an eternity.

“It's not like him at all. He’s never done anything like this,” said Scott Bruns, Austin’s father.

Bruns is from the Sacramento area but goes to college at Loyola Marymount near Los Angeles.

Police say he argued with his father, Scott, over the phone Friday night and hung up.

Unable to reach his son again, Scott hoped on a plane and headed to Los Angeles.

It's a reaction other parents can relate to.

"Could you see yourself just out of worry getting on a plane and going?"

“Oh yeah for sure. Definitely," said Melissa Curle.

Curle lives down the street from the Bruns’ family in Fair Oaks.

She's also a mother of three and says her own son has panicked her over far less.

“One time my son hid so well he fell asleep under all the pillows. I literally tore the house apart, ready to call 9-1-1. So I can’t even imagine what it’s like to really not be able to find him," Curle said.

After searching for the young student all day, family members have just confirmed on Facebook Austin Bruns was found safe.

It's both blessing and a relief to all those who wasted no time trying to find him

“He's one of the greatest people you've ever met. He's fun, funny, film student, he acts. He's just a good guy,” Scott said.