Caught on Camera: Suspected Thieves Steal Surveillance Equipment from Home

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Thanks to Winnie and Squirt, there are four eyes and eight paws on patrol at 6025 Jansen.

There are also some other kind of watchdogs at work around that Sacramento home -- at least there were until the end of April when two thieves stole part of the anti-theft system at the home.

"Astounded that somebody would do that. You know that you're doing wrong and the way they, with a camera, wouldn't you come at it from the side. Wouldn't you block your face," questioned homeowner Stephen Smith.

Between working job assignments outside of Sacramento, Smith and his brother Ray have shared a home in the Fruitridge Manor neighborhood for two decades.

They outfitted it with a surveillance system and loud motion detectors a few years ago after a burglary, but on April 24, two thieves stole part of their anti-theft system.

The remaining part caught it all on tape.

And with the boldness of a team that would reach right up and snatch a camera unmasked, the Smiths can't help but worry about what could come next.

"More so for...the neighbors," said Smith as he expressed his concern.

"One of the neighbors had their house broken into and their 12-year-old daughter girl was sleeping in the back.  I don't want to be in the back when somebody's coming into my house."

Looking back through their footage, the Smiths now know the thieves who stole from them biked by, looking at their home, exactly 24 hours before the burglary.

"It's scary. It's'd expect to be safe and that makes you not feel safe."

If you recognize the person in this surveillance image you're asked to give Sacramento police a call.