CHP Helicopter Rescues Teen Attempting to Hike Pacific Crest Trail

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A CHP helicopter rescued a teen attempting to hike the Pacific Crest Trail on Monday morning.

The teen, identified as Dartagnan Driscoll, 18, told authorities that he was attempting to hike the Pacific Crest Trail to Canada and was only 12 hours into the second leg of his trek when he ran out of water. Driscoll said he had planned to use water sources along the trail, but due to the drought, they had dried up.

The hiker then said he became disoriented and lost his way.

Driscoll said the trail turned out to be more difficult than his guidebook indicated.

"It's a trail only for very experienced backpackers who have been trained for many years," Driscoll told FOX40 in a phone interview.

Authorities said he did not have a handheld GPS but used his personal satellite locator device to summon help.

The Alpine County Sheriff's Department received the request for help and notified the CHP Valley Division Air Operations office to assist in locating the victim using the coordinates provided by the satellite locator device.

The air crew launched from Auburn and began searching in the area. They quickly located Driscoll, who scrambled into the open from the tree line.

Although officials said that Driscoll did not have adequate supplies or a GPS, they credit the satellite tracking device that he was carrying with a speedy and safe recovery.

Driscoll also gave the tracker a lot of credit.

"That device most likely saved my life," he said.