Grey Water Systems Conserve, Re-Use Water for Plants, Gardens

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Clean clothes create grey water.

"Grey waters full of nutrients. It's got skin cells... some organic particles," said Chris Lopez, co-founder of Grow Water.

Lopez set up a system for harvesting laundry water... and using it for irrigation.

He said it's pretty simple.

"This system here took about 4.5 hours to install," Lopez said.

"It just kind of made sense. You're pumping water out to the treatment plant and pumping it back," Rodger Sargent, co-founder of Grow Water, said. "So you're using all this energy to water our yard, when I could water it 50 feet away."

Sargent owns the home and the grey water system.

There are some limitations --  he has to use only certain types of laundry soap, and this wouldn't work for watering a lawn.

But specific trees or flowers or most gardens can use the grey water.  He said it works great.  And he said he thinks it's the right thing to do.

"Having a two-year-old, I started looking toward the future a little more," Sargent said. "And it made sense to me."