Sac State Takes Action Over Offensive Cinco de Mayo Flier

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Students are reacting to yet another Cinco de Mayo racial controversy, this time at California State University, Sacramento.

Last week, Sac State's spirit group, Green Army, posted an Instagram ad on the big rival baseball game between Sac State and UC Davis. The game at Raley Field happens to fall on Cinco de Mayo.

The post calls the baseball game a fiesta. It advertises a $5 package including a bus ride, ticket, cup, sombrero, a maraca and a T-shirt depicting the Hornets mascot wearing stereotypical Mexican garb -- batting a pinata.

"Lots of people think it is a day of party and a day to go out and $5 shots, and sombreros and maracas, but it's not that. It's much more than that," Sac State student, Denise Fernandez, said.

Fernandez is part of MeChA de Sac State, a Hispanic student organization on campus.

The group held a special workshop Tuesday called "Deconstructing Cinco de Mayo Stereotypes -- We are a Culture, Not a Costume."

She was one of many offended by the poster.

"My family does not go to party and take maracas my family does not wear sombreros," senior Marcela De La Cruz said. "And most of my family who are males do not have mustaches so this is a super false stereotypical image."

The post has since been taken down, and the Green Army has issued an apology, saying: "Our misguided flier hurt a great number of fellow students for whom we care deeply, and for this, we humbly apologize."

A few members of the Green Army attended the special workshop.

Assistant Athletic Director Markus Jennings said that was the first step. He said the young man responsible for the Instagram post has taken this incident to heart. Also, as a department, they will work to implement diversity and a better cultural understanding.

"Maybe a lot of our students do not understand the history, so what really want to do is just go there and learn how can we correctly portray this day moving forward," Jennings said. "The first piece is diversity and inclusiveness training and the second piece is really reaching out to the other organization when the situation comes, whatever situation it is, and making sure we really understand what it means and getting a perspective on how others will feel about any certain situations. We are being proactive about it."

The Causeway cup between the Aggies and Hornets baseball teams begins at Raley field at 6:35 p.m.