Community on Edge After Lightning Sparks Several Fires

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Lightning strikes triggered several fires, frightening a Placer County neighborhood and sending fire crews into overdrive.

CalFire crews were checking for restarts and hot spots in Gold Run throughout the day Thursday.

"It hit a tree. It also hit some different places. It hit a couple houses on the roof and traveled down the houses. It traveled through the ground. Through rocks, through roots and started multiple fire all over the place," said resident Roberta Saum.

The lightning strike was enough to blow an electrical box apart, strip the bark off a tree and start multiple fires.

Saum said lightning storms in this area are nothing unusual, but this was different.

"It sounded like an explosion. I've never in my life felt anything so loud," she said.

It's a pretty tight knit community up here.  And by light of day, neighbors took time to assess the damage.

Everything electronic in one home was completely fried.

And everywhere, firefighters are checking to make certain underground there isn't still danger -- like a tree's root system, still smoldering, waiting to flare back up into wild fire.

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