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Flames Destroy Home, Kill Dog

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One woman had her neighbors to thank for saving her from a fire that gutted her mobile home and killed her dog on South 7th Street in South Modesto early Friday.

"The damage is just devastating. I just can't believe it," Dana said.

Dana's mother-in-law Sheila Hendrick was sound asleep when the flames quickly burned through her mobile home  of 16 years.

"When I'm asleep, I'm totally out. I didn't feel the heat. I just heard him banging on the door," Hendrick said.

"I was about to kick in the door, but then she finally opened it and smoke just fell out. When these trailers start, there's no stopping them," neighbor Patrick Riley said.

Fire investigators said they believed the fire started near a water heater at the back of the mobile home. They told FOX40 the water heater could have had some sort of mechanical failure, but combustibles nearby also could have played a role.

Batallion Chief Hugo Patino said the fire produced a lot of smoke because the windows in the mobile home were covered in sheet rock, so the heat had nowhere to vent.

"It wasn't my time to go. It wasn't. I'll move on. I have to," Hendrick said.

The fire damage was estimated at $25,000 for the mobile home and $10,000 worth of personal property.

The Red Cross placed Hendrick in a temporary home.