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Girl Grabbed by Stranger

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Whether she's skateboarding or not, Tatyanna Dabbs always keeps a close eye on her four-year-old daughter.

But during a Friday morning trip to one Sacramento Food Source, it almost wasn't close enough.

"He snatched me up when I was by my mommy. Then he tried to take me," said Terryanna.

The 'he' little Terryanna is describing is the man her mom says she captured on her cell phone a few terrifying moments after what this family believes was the start of an abduction.

She'd just taken her daughter out of the grocery cart, parked it, turned and then saw the unthinkable.

"I said what are you doing? That's my daughter get away from her.  You're a stranger," Dabbs said.

That stranger apparently wrapped his arms around her child was whispering and was kind of backing up when Dabbs pushed him away.

How did little Terryanna feel when all of this was happening?

"I felt angry," she said.

Mom got angry too, but fought to control her outrage to get her baby back safely without startling the man too much.

"He was carrying a newspaper that was folded up and it could have been a gun,  a knife or needle with drugs in it," she said.

Holding bags and her daughter's hand,  Dabbs still managed to snap the suspect's picture so police would have something to go on.

"I'm a mom. We have know how to multi task. Things happen and we have to be able to react to it," Dabbs said.

She and Terryanna had practiced how to react if the threat of stranger danger ever became real, but that practiced kicking and screaming didn't go according to plan.

"I was scared," said Terryanna.

Officers are working with Food Source managers to review surveillance video of the incident.

The store is located at Stockton Boulevard and Broadway.

The suspect was last seen walking down Broadway.

If you recognize his picture or saw anything suspicious Friday morning police want to hear from you.