Local Businesses Preparing for Amgen Tour

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It was a party at the Captiol Friday night.  There were fireworks, neon lights and music to get people excited for the 10th Annual Amgen Tour.

The eight-day men's race kicks off Sunday morning in Sacramento.  Nearly 150 cyclists will roll through the streets.

A day and a half before the race, orange cones lined downtown streets.  Some roads were already closed for the event. 'No parking' signs covered L street near a strip of popular bars and restaurants.

Some find the closures to be a hassle.

"I think its very inconvenient, especially for this weekend in particular, mainly because its mother's day weekend. There's a lot of good restaurants around here offering good brunches," said Ariana Hader of Elk Grove.

Hader says she's already decided to avoid the area during Amgen.

"I think its very good for the out-of-towners. Maybe it will bring in more revenue, maybe people will want to check out Sacramento more. But I would hate to be a local living downtown because this is probably gonna be a very hard time for them," Hader said.

The General Manager of Firestone Public House disagrees with Hader.  He expects the crowds to be much larger this weekend.

"I think we expect to be maybe twice as busy," said Marc Nuevo.

Downtown bars and restaurants are not the only ones expecting a boost.  Bike shops are hoping this major cycling event drums up excitement -- and profits.

"We get a lot of activity in the store because of this event," said Bowen Doxee, manager of City Bicylce works.

It may be a good idea to use a bike to get around downtown this weekend, instead of a car.

Many of the streets around the capitol will be closed all day Sunday.

If you're planning to be a spectator, Amgen's website says the best spot to catch a glimpse of the race is near the tower bridge.