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Starbucks to Shift Ethos Bottled Water Out of California Due to Drought

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A major company has announced it will no longer put California's water into bottles. Starbuck's subsidiary Ethos Water announced it will stop purchasing water collected from a private springs in Baxter, near Colfax.

"Starbucks has proven themselves to be a decent corporate neighbor in this," said Andy Conn, a water conservation advocate

Conn has been actively involved in a campaign he's titled Crunch Nestle, focused on closing that company's, as well as others, water bottling plants in the Golden State.

"No water bottling companies should be taking water out of our aquifers at this time, we're in the middle of a drought," Conn told FOX40.

But not everyone agrees. Baxter is a small mountain community, where much of California's water is pumped out of private underground springs and put into water trucks.

"I'm feeling the pinch right now, you know the last three years because the load is going down," said Lloyd Carroll, one of dozens of truck drivers who takes the water to Central Valley bottling plants, before being sold in stores.

Carroll hopes others will eventually replace Ethos.

"They'll be picking up another customer in another couple of months, but in the meantime I'm out the money," Carroll told FOX40.

Already in 2014, Carroll said he saw a 18 thousand dollar decline in his wages, after Safeway pulled it's bottling operation out of Baxter to another source. He worries losing this new client will continue to cut into his wallet.

"it's less miles I drive and less money in my pocket, you know I got family and kids to feed like everybody else," Carroll said.