New Moms Celebrate Mother’s Day at Sutter Memorial Hospital

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Sutter Memorial Hospital celebrated its final Mother’s Day this Sunday at its historic F Street location.

“We've been giving out gift baskets to all our new mommies, and we've had the music playing all day,” Nurse Kully Purewal said.

Purewal has two children of her own, but said she did not mind working on Mother’s Day because she was surrounded by many happy new mothers.

Sutter Memorial’s Maternity department has a long history in Sacramento.

So if you are a Sacramentan, chances are you know a handful of people who call Sutter Memorial their birthplace.

Since 1937, there have been more than 346,000 babies born in the facility, which averages about 6,000 a year, or roughly 15 a day.

Megan Nicoll, 28, celebrated this Mother’s Day with the birth of her first daughter, Charlotte Anne.

“I just had a baby at 4:48 a.m. on Mother’s Day,” Nicoll said. “I was surprised she came on her own on Mother's Day, but my water broke, so it was a rush to the hospital.”

Charlotte was not due for another six days. But somehow, May 10, 2015 became a doubly special day for the Nicolls.

“Her birthday is going to be really unique because it's 5-10-15. And it is the same forwards and backwards. 5-1-0-1-5. So that's a fun birthday to have!”

Hospital staff passed out their last ever Mother’s Day gift bags to the new moms at this facility. The maternity department will be moving into a new facility in downtown Sacramento on Aug. 8.

“At first I was disappointed that I wasn't going to be at the shiny new hospital, but I think there is more symbolism to being one of the last at this historical place,” Krista Northridge said.

Northridge is recovering after welcoming her some James Frederick on Friday. She had a scheduled C-Section, so she knew she would be spending Mother’s Day at the hospital. She said she was happy to be part of such a rich history of Sacramento babies.

“He [James] will always have that… A special story to bring to class, like show and tell or something, right?” Northridge joked. “Having  Mother’s Day celebrated in such a way... this is the best present one can get on Mother’s Day.”

Once the hospital moves to the new location, the current location will be turned into a residential community.

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