Father of Coach Hit by Teen Driver at Modesto School Speaks Out

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An Oakdale father said a teen driver who hit his son made a stupid mistake that could have been deadly.

Assistant Coach Doug Holt, Jr.  was hit by an SUV on the Downey High School football field on Saturday.

The driver behind the wheel, according to Modesto City Schools, was a teenager delivering items for prom.

FOX40 was supposed to speak with Coach Holt on Tuesday, but he had to undergo a medical procedure at Doctor’s Medical and was physically unable to speak.

“I’m saddened by it because, I mean, Doug’s a good guy,” Doug Holt, Sr. said.

Holt, Sr. is a proud father and is now hurting because of what happened to his son on Saturday.

"Everybody thought he just kind of bounced, but when the Bronco rolled over, or whatever it did, it hit him right in the back."

“We are reviewing the events that occurred on Saturday,” Becky Fortuna, a spokeswoman for Modesto City Schools said.

Coach Holt was admitted to Doctors Medical after the accident and was shortly released.

"Very much pain. Can’t move. He can move his feet, he can move his legs a little bit,” Holt, Sr. said.

About a day later, he was re-admitted to the hospital. His father said the coach was temporarily paralyzed and had to be lifted up by three men.

"Just to get him in a wheelchair so we can get him back in an ambulance," he said.

The elder Holt is now worried and critical, asking why the school allowed the unnamed teen to drive on the football field.

"I just hope the principal learns not to let kids out there on field because I mean, that kid could have killed a lot of little kids," he said.

The school district said they're looking into the incident and admitted they don’t have rules in place for student drivers running school errands.

"To our knowledge there is not a policy in place regarding students driving on campus," Fortuna said.

The coach's father is hoping that will soon change.

"He didn't need this kind of luck, because this is going to put him out of commission for a long time," Holt, Sr. said

FOX40 asked the school district if they’re considering drafting a new policy. They said they cannot comment on that at this time.

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