Sea Lions Spotted in Discovery Park

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You don't have to go all the way to the Bay or L.A. to get up close and personal with sea lions. They're making an appearance right in our own backyard.

Typically, the seals and sea lions will stay in the Delta near Antioch, but this year, several have come the extra 60 miles to Sacramento.

"It ranges from one or two that will hang around to a dozen or more that people see, but you don't see most of them," said Andrew Hughan with California Fish and Wildlife.

They're filling their bellies and sunning on the docks, giving boaters a great up-close view.

FOX40 caught one sea lion and a seal sunning themselves next to someone's boat Saturday.

They might seem cute and friendly -- but Fish and Wildlife officials remind observers to stay back.

"These are a federally protected species -- marine mammals cannot be touched, they can't be harassed ,you can't even blow a horn at them," Hughan said.

He said the mammals can be dangerous.

"They bite and they have very sharp teeth. They are very aggressive. They don't care if it's a fish or your fingers, if you are out there trying to pet it or play with it, it can take your finger off no problem."

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