Decision on Curtis Park Gas Station Delayed

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A last minute change by the Sacramento Planning and Design Commission Thursday night, to pull the Curtis Park fuel center item from it's agenda, now means it may be another two months before a decision is made.

For residents of the small community, this battle has gone on long enough.

"Well, I think that was kind of an impromptu slap in the face," said a frustrated Karol Moncrief.

On one side, you have developer Paul Petrovich -- ready to put in supermarket giant Safeway, complete with a large, 16-pump gas station.

On the other side is a community ready to stand its ground. Even if it has to wait a bit longer.

"This is an enormous gas station in a relatively quiet inner-city neighborhood," said Curtis Park resident Mark Schneider.  "We don't need all that traffic."

Another resident, Len Fisher added, "I think a gas station doesn't fit in this neighborhood, and within two miles of here there is, I think, 15 gas stations. We really don't need another gas station."

Still, the Commission was expected to approve the fueling station on the 72 acre site next to Curtis Park. But new information was recently submitted that caused the Commission to respond.

"They received them after the staff report was submitted and we discussed them with the applicant, and in the end determined some additional studying and information was warranted," noted the Planning Commission's Stacia Cosgrove. "So we withdrew the project from the agenda."

Safeway has said publicly if the gas station is not part of the new development then they will pull out of the entire deal.