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Mayor Kevin Johnson Denies Sexual Harassment Claim

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Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson made a brief statement Thursday, denying a sexual harassment claim filed against him.

"The City of Sacramento takes any claim of harassment seriously, as it should," Johnson told reporters at City Hall.

The claim was filed by a former employee of the city manager's office. The city reportedly found out about the claim "weeks before the 2014 November election," Johnson said.

According to the claim, Johnson made inappropriate advances toward city manager aide Estrellita Muller several times from 2013 into 2014 -- including pressing his body against hers and trying to kiss her.

"The incident described in the complaint simply never happened. Ever," Johnson said.

That statement came after the city denied the complaint of Estrellita Muller.

The 32-year-old is a former aide for the city manager who claims that December fifth-floor incident in the mayoral library, was just the start of seven months of sexual harassment by Johnson.

Supporters of the mayor are shocked by the allegations.

"What I can say is I've worked with closely with the mayor on multiple different efforts he's had in the city and seen him when no one's looking behind the scenes always choose the harder right instead of the easier wrong. There's been time after time," said Josh Wood of Sacramento.

No one answered at the listed address for Muller on Thursday and her attorney would not comment after the mayor's statement.

In the four-page document, she also claimed the mayor propositioned her for sex.

Then later, when Johnson would see her around city hall, she said he repeatedly referenced a thumbs-up thumbs-down system he wanted her to use to answer his proposition -- even going so far as to take her hands to check if her thumbs were working.

Taking a less lucrative job in human resources to reduce her contact with the mayor, Muller said her new boss treated her as the aggressor and not the victim when she filed her complaint against Johnson,  saying her boss failed to protect her and misled her about the complaint process.

Randi Knott, Sacramento's director of Government Affairs,  is listed as a witness in Muller's complaint.

She did not want to talk about the situation when FOX40 stopped by her home, waving our cameras away from the door.

When asked about allegations of inappropriate sexual behavior from Johnson's past as an NBA star and an advocate for disadvantaged youth,  Wood said none of it sounds like the person he knows.

"I can't speak to any of those situations. I haven't been involved in them ... just as much as just headlines in a paper that's it. Not the person I know.  Not the person I've worked with," he said.