Report Urges Stockton City Leaders to Focus on South Stockton

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A third of Stockton residents are underserved, according to a newly released San Joaquin Grand Jury report which highlights the blight, crime, and worsening housing conditions in South Stockton.

The report highlights the area South of the crosstown freeway excluding Weston Ranch. Some of the issues that were highlighted include the area's drug problem.

The report states that in order to affect change, city leaders need to step up. The report titled, “As the South Side Goes Down, So Does Stockton,” points out the blight of the city. Poor housing conditions, poverty, and widespread drug dealing and crime are a few of the issues the Grand Jury said needed to be addressed by city leaders.

We contacted the City of Stockton Thursday. A spokeswoman told FOX40 that they are currently reviewing the report.

The report wasn’t all bad though, the jury highlighted some of the agencies who are affecting change including the Gospel Center Rescue Mission. They’ve been around for 75 years and have offered services such as addiction treatment, emergency housing and other programs. They believe that in order to turn the community around, city leaders along with residents need to act together.

"But until the residents of South Stockton get sick and tired of seeing graffiti and do something about it, graffiti’s gonna go on and that’s just a, that’s representative of everything else. The crime included,” Bill Brown, CEO of the Rescue Mission said.

The city has 90 days to respond.