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Workers Protest Changes in Postal Services

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Across the nation and right here in West Sacramento, postal workers are standing together rallying.

They're hoping to educate the public about what they call negative changes in postal services.

"The Postal Service is delaying mail. They are going to instead of overnight delivery within towns, they are going two and three days," said postal worker Chuck Locke. "They are closing plants which is going to slow down the processing of mail."

Locke, a lifetime postal worker, said that if the USPS continues to reduce services and corporate America takes over the industry, a lot of people won't get mail service.

"Rural America will really suffer because they are not going to deliver to those nonprofitable areas. UPS is one of our largest customers. We deliver a lot of mail they don't go to. They don't deliver in those rural areas that are non-profitable," Locke said.

The American Postal Workers Union contract expires May 20. Their major demand is to restore the quality of service they used to provide, which would also put more people back to work.

"Stop the dismantling of the Postal Service. If we can stop the closing of facilities, keep hours of operation longer, that means more jobs for our people," said Mike Remmen, president of the Sacramento branch of the American Postal Workers Union.

The Post Office has seen a decline in revenue from First Class mail as more people turn to the Internet to communicate rather than picking up a pen and paper.

At the same time, they have seen an increase of package's from the growth of e-commerce.

Postal workers are also demanding extended hours at post offices to shorten customers' wait time in line.

FOX40 contacted the Postal Service about the rally, they would not grant an interview but gave the following statement:

"The Postal Service respects the bargaining process and we prefer to keep our contract negotiations at the bargaining table."

The union hopes to reach an agreement by May 20, but doubts that will happen as this could end up being a long, drawn-out process.