Brutal Elderly Beating Caught on Camera

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The cell phone video lasts about a minute, but it's enough to spark a strong reaction.

It starts with a young man kicking an older man as he lays in the street.  Once he gets up a second person goes after him, and more follow.

It happened Thursday afternoon on Rockrose and Westacre Roads.

The woman behind the camera is Susan Kalar.

"I started recording just in case. You don't know how bad its gonna get. If it's bad enough where police need to intervene, at least I have something there for them," Kalar said.

Kalar says she only captured part of the chaos.

"They kicked him in the head twice and then they started beating on him.  At point he laid on the ground and covered his face and submitted," said Kalar.

She wasn't the only witness.

"I saw the guy on the the ground here on the street. He had a bloody nose. It looked like he was kind of out of it," said Donavon Carlson.

Carlson and his mother recognize some of the young adults in the video.

"I hope they get a wakeup call and they actually grow from this," said Karrie Carlson.

Police have arrested one of the suspects.

"They're troublemakers in school. They get kicked out get in trouble all the time," said Donavon Carlson.

Now at least one of them is in serious trouble.

Police are still looking for one other suspect.

The victim was taken to the hospital and is expected to recover.

Officers are still looking into what led up to the assault.​

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