Man Accused of Indecent Exposure Released from Custody

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Parents in Folsom are on high alert, after a man was arrested for indecent exposure.

“That's pretty sick. I have to watch out for my kids,” said Michael James.

Police say just before noon Wednesday, they arrested 23-year-old Justin Kinter of Fresno after he was seen touching himself at Elvie Perazzo Briggs Park.

A witness, who did not want to be identified, says she saw the whole thing.

“Right in the open, there was a guy with his pants down at his ankles going at it, and his focus was on the kids. He didn’t even see us three adults looking at him.”

Investigators say he was placed under citizen’s arrest until officers arrived

“I can’t fathom the fact that he was only booked for indecent exposure and nothing to do with kids.”

But just 16 hours after Kinter was placed in handcuffs, he was released from jail.

Many took to Facebook expressing their concerns, one person saying "can’t even go to the park in our own neighborhood."

“Watch out for weirdos. You guys stay together. You got your cell phone on you? Right here,” James said.

He is teaching his son, Mike, to be on alert.

“To call me, let someone know, always keep an eye out, if there is another adult, they play baseball. So keep other adults in mind, so they can tell them on the spot,” James said.

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