Meet Colusa Brown, California’s New Deputy First Dog

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There’s a new furry member in California’s first family.

Governor Jerry Brown announced Friday he has acquired another dog, a newborn Pembroke Welsh Corgi and Border Collie mix named Colusa.

Only two months after being born in Red Bluff, Colusa was announced to the world via her older brother, Sutter, who has served as California’s official “First Dog” since Brown’s third term as governor began in 2011.

Colusa “Lucy” Brown was named after the county which housed the family ranch. Immediately after the announcement, she was appointed “Deputy First Dog,” just behind her big brother.

Both Sutter and Colusa have official biographies on the Governor’s website.

Sutter was born in 2003 and adopted by Brown from his sister Kathleen in 2010 shortly after the gubernatorial election. Sutter, a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, has since been used to soften Brown’s image in the media and push his agenda.

The First Dog has become a social media star over Twitter and Facebook.

The Deputy also has a Twitter account, and the first post showed Colusa’s ambitions are as big as her brother’s.

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