Sierra Residents Surprised by Winter Weather in the Spring

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May snowfall, it’s a picture-worthy storm that caught many off guard.

"I figured it would be spring. So why is it snowing now?" asked Amy Barns.

Many begged for snow all winter just to get it in May, when they were dressed in shorts and t-shirts.

"I brought tank tops, shorts, capris. I left my sweatshirts at home. I had to buy a new one,” Barns said.

"I’m wearing shorts and a short sleeve shirt," said Matthew Brodeur.

But the cold and the lack of warm clothes didn't stop one family from having a bit of fun.

"It’s great. I love it, and Dusty gets to play in the snow now,” said Arlene Taylor

Taylor says she doesn't care if it snows all summer. It would make up for what we didn't get in December, January and February.

"I look forward to June snow, July snow and August snow," Taylor said.

"We’re in a drought right now. The more snow, the better. It doesn't matter when it comes I guess,” Brodeur said.

The snow is supposed to continue to fall off-and-on all day, and while it won’t make an impact on our drought, every bit will helps us this summer.

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