Local Security Patrol Company Taking Heat After Violence Caught on Camera

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A big time show is stirring up big time controversy for a local private security patrol hired to keep the crowd in line.

FOX40 cameras captured part of the action from on stage.  In the video, you can see guard from Liner's Security and Patrol going over the barrier.

Cell phone video from a staffer of one of the concert promoters also picked up the action.

Watch as a man, at first smiling and dancing, start throwing fists at the security guards. They quickly swarm him -- throwing punches of their own.

You can see other members of the crowd joining in.

The action a little later shows even more.

That man, now in cuffs, is shown being led away by security. But not without a parting shot.

Watch again, as a guard cocks back and strikes the man, not once but twice on the side and back of his head.

All the while, the man is in restraints, and unable to protect himself.

When FOX40 asked Darryl Liner, the licensed owner of the security patrol about the incident, he said:

"I don't have any comment about that."

In a statement Monday he said he was questioning the employee who threw those punches.

But Tuesday, he had nothing to say about any steps he might take to discipline him, or make certain the incident isn't repeated.

"I gave a statement yesterday. No comment," he said.

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