Police Called to Intervene in Modesto Area High School Fights

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It was one fight after another. Students say it was chaotic and officers had to roll on campus to get everyone under control on Wednesday.

The aftermath after a cluster of fights is caught on video. Students walking out of Grace Davis High School in Modesto after a day of violence and Modesto PD motorcycle officers driving on campus to take control.

"This is unusual. Like you see a fight every few weeks, maybe at most, but like for all this to happen in just a few minutes,” Chad Cooper, a junior at Davis High, said.

"It was crazy. I didn’t like it,” Maylah Sanders, another junior said.

The incident prompted school administrators to call police for help. Modesto City Schools said officers responded to the school's quad during lunch within minutes.

While a couple of students had to be treated for minor injuries, others were detained for questioning.

"I was just wondering what was happening, like, I didn't know if it was random or if it was planned,” Cooper said.

The school district was forced to put the school on lockdown. They also staggered release times to help curb potential violence.

"Could have been worse. It could have been a lot worse,” Sanders said.

A visible police presence remained at the school throughout the day as parents picked up their kids earlier than usual.

Modesto Police said no weapons were involved.